Mindful Musings: Jan 30

“Cross Examining Progress” By: Forrest Rivers             We think we move forward but we take two steps back when we stray further into the technological abyss. How many of us take the time to authentically interact? To introduce ourselves to a neighbor, lend a helping hand to a stranger? Facebook, smart phones and televisions are … Continue reading Mindful Musings: Jan 30

Mindful Musings: Jan 29

“Earth Gratitude” By: Forrest Rivers Divine Forest, Goddess of eternal wisdom Your spirit is strong Like the roots Of your ancient trees Whispering into the void To the One with many names Who is unimaginable in her glory And beyond all conceptions and reason…. If you should be so lucky To saunter through she who … Continue reading Mindful Musings: Jan 29

Mindful Musings: Jan 28

“Proof of Miracles” By: Forrest Rivers A great master descended upon a village And ecstatic seekers gathered from all corners of the region to hear her speak The master cleared her throat and shared her wisdom: “The sun shines by day. The moon shines by night. Birds fly in the sky. Animals hunt on the … Continue reading Mindful Musings: Jan 28

Mindful Musings: Jan 27

“God Is….” By: Forrest Rivers God is the breath of life And the mysterious force That lends us this body For a pre-determined time…. God is the sense of connection Felt on a walk into nature That fills your soul With a sense of awe and wonder…. God is the word The sound And the … Continue reading Mindful Musings: Jan 27

Mindful Musings: Jan 26

“Wisdom to Carry” By: Forrest Rivers The drama of life will consume you If your mind is focused everywhere but here And everywhere but now…. The wise don’t run and cower Under a canopy of self-delusion They embrace the impermanent tides Of suffering and joy like trees Who cling not to the sun and rain…. … Continue reading Mindful Musings: Jan 26

Mindful Musings: Jan 25

“The Gift of Every Step” By: Forrest Rivers             My mind is racing             As a preoccupation with today’s worries consumes me             My heart pounds harder and my chest feels heavy as lead,             I inhale a long deep breath and then exhale             My heart’s pounding rhythms subside             And my chest begins to loosen,             Remembering that God is … Continue reading Mindful Musings: Jan 25

Mindful Musings: Jan 24

“What is life?” By: Forrest Rivers What is life? But the infinite ocean Filled to its boundless brim With teachable moments And what is life? But the waves of the ocean Flowing to and from But neither coming ...

Mindful Musings: Jan 23

“Interfaith” By: Forrest Rivers “Interfaith” Listen now as Krishna speaks Through the wisdom of your third eye, The Rastas’ focus is on “we” But firmly rooted in I and I, Native souls find God in Earth The water and trees are our true guides, Look to Christ when you are weak  Jesus hears your inner … Continue reading Mindful Musings: Jan 23

Mindful Musings: Jan 22

“The Great Blue Hills of God” By: Forrest Rivers One Day, The Great Blue Hills of God Decided to speak And this is what they said: “Be present as you climb my hallowed peaks Be still as you bathe in my cascading waterfalls And be grateful as you stroll through my ancient forests But most … Continue reading Mindful Musings: Jan 22

Mindful Musings: Jan 21

“The Buddha’s Middle Way: A Lesson for our Times” By: Forrest Rivers In Buddhism there is a philosophical doctrine called “The Middle Way.” This idea centers on the Buddha’s suggested method for spiritual enlightenment. The revered sage’s story is well known. Siddhartha Gautama, The Buddha, was an esteemed prince raised in the luxury of his … Continue reading Mindful Musings: Jan 21

A Review by Frank Coppeiters, PhD.

Seldom has a book touched me so deeply in its mix of compassion, authenticity, and forward-looking while fully honoring the world’s wisdom traditions. It lays out how the darkness of suffering has a way of pushing humanity into the light of new beginnings if we so choose.

Mindful Musings: Jan 20

“The Man and The Raft” By: Forrest Rivers Is the raft Floating across the river Really going anywhere at all? Is the shore That the raft is moving too Really in truth the destination? Is the river Guiding the raft across its waters Really guiding anything at all? And is the man Sitting upon that … Continue reading Mindful Musings: Jan 20

Mindful Musings: Jan 19

“A Faithful Remembrance” By: Forrest Rivers Child of the night I hear your cries I hear your screams And I feel your suffering But keep your heart open And head up wise one For the incantations that you chant Faithfully to yourself Shall be answered one-hundred fold…. Always remember Just like the seasons You have … Continue reading Mindful Musings: Jan 19

Mindful Musings: Jan 18

“Remembering a Spiritual Warrior” By: Forrest Rivers The Reverend Martin Luther King Jr is an inspiration whose spirit lives on in the depths of our hearts and minds. Rarely, do beings come along who combine a deep inner faith in God with the collective vision of peace, unity, and love. In drawing upon this faith, … Continue reading Mindful Musings: Jan 18

Mindful Musings: Jan 17

“The Day a Magician Learned Real Magic” By: Forrest Rivers One day a popular local magician performed his act in front of a large group of people on the town square. The magician pulled all of his best tricks out of his hat to entertain the grateful audience. Everyone in attendance cheered wildly for the … Continue reading Mindful Musings: Jan 17

Mindful Musings: Jan 16

“Perennial Secrets” By: Forrest Rivers Our Memories may fade away Our bodies may decay And our hair may turn grey But our souls will always remain Young and vibrant Shining eternally Ever present Like the shifting winds Or the change of the seasons The physical world Is but a training ground For the blissful reunion … Continue reading Mindful Musings: Jan 16