Mindful Musings: May 5

“The Earth is My Church” By: Forrest Rivers Chirping birds Sing their heavenly song Early in the morning The rising sun greets Hungry seekers Gathered in worship And the cool air brings Levity to a new day…. In this church, you see, There is no priest Other then the rocks and trees The mountains and … Continue reading Mindful Musings: May 5

Mindful Musings: May 4

“Inspiration for the Soul” By: Forrest Rivers (Abbie taking in the view atop a 12,000 FT peak) In her eleven plus years on this Earth, my beautiful and inspiring dog Abbie has been speared by a buck(very nearly ending her life), survived two vicious attacks from other dogs(one of which left her with over 50 … Continue reading Mindful Musings: May 4

Mindful Musings: May 3

“The Soul of Nature” By: Forrest Rivers The trail is my refuge A road to God The beckons my mind To acknowledge All I am a part of…. As I walk My spirit is moved By the beauty of the divine Beyond space and time The soul of nature Is reflected in the moon Watching … Continue reading Mindful Musings: May 3

Mindful Musings: Apr 30th

“Seeds of Karma: A Short Story” By: Forrest Rivers One day, a very wealthy banking executive by the name of Jeffrey Goodwin was walking down the street in New York City just a few blocks from his office for lunch when a homeless woman grabbed his attention. The young woman, who was around 25 years … Continue reading Mindful Musings: Apr 30th

Mindful Musings: Apr 29

“The Train Called Life” I ran away To tell the world Not to be afraid And not to live in fear For the truth rings clear When our feet Are firmly planted here In the totality of this moment…. The timele...

Catherine Carrigan Interviews Forrest Rivers "Covid 19 and Humanity's Spiritual Awakening"

Medical intuitive healer Catherine Carrigan interviews meditation teacher and author Forrest Rivers about Covid-19 and Humanity's Spiritual Awakening

Mindful Musings: April 28

” Responding to a Skeptic” Often, I am asked the question does “God really exist.” And my answer to that question is always met with another question: “Does the sun rise each day? “Typically, the person asking me this question will respond with something like the following: “Well, sure, the sun rises each day but … Continue reading Mindful Musings: April 28

Mindful Musings: Apr 27

“God’s Debris” Ants industriously building Their homes in clay Bees busily buzzing In their hives of honey An intricate network Of trees Producing air for us to breathe And faithful rivers Carving their paths Through the mountain side We are God’s debris That’s what we are Why should we think that we are any different … Continue reading Mindful Musings: Apr 27

Ageless Bliss With Brenda an Interview with Forrest Rivers

Unity and Compassion are on the Rise as a Result of the Worldwide Pandemic! Forrest Rivers is our guest on this Empowering episode. He brings a very positive and unique viewpoint.

Mindful Musings-Earth Day!

“Tales of Rebirth” Tales of rebirth A genesis New beginnings A divine reception Seeds growing As winter rides Faithfully off Into the sunset Spring rains Bring Gardens to till But this time One f...

Mindful Musings: Apr 21

“The Loving Shore” Believe in yourself And never doubt the tides That bring you back to shore again You are simply divine A miracle And a strand of pure awareness Blowing in the wind To enchant all who are blessed To cross your path So, always remember your self worth And reach for the stars … Continue reading Mindful Musings: Apr 21

Mindful Musings: Apr 20

“The Final Test” By: Forrest Rivers A celebrated master of a spiritual community deep in the Southern Appalachian Mountains was nearing his death and had a vision that he would drop his body in one month’s time. In the weeks leading up to his passing, Master Changing Winds, as he was affectionally known by all … Continue reading Mindful Musings: Apr 20

Mindful Musings: Apr 19

“Many Paths to the Top” Picture hiking up a great and formidable mountain. Then take note of the numerous routes that can be traveled to its venerable peak. Some routes up are smooth and direct. Others, more jagged and circuitous. Still some paths to the top are exceedingly difficult and maybe even borderline daunting to … Continue reading Mindful Musings: Apr 19

Mindful Musings: Apr 16

“Our Original Nature” A seeker of truth traveled a very long way to a hermit meditating in a cave and asked: “Excuse me venerated sir, but please answer me one question.”  A twinkle of wisdom sparkled in the hermit’s eyes as he smiled at the stranger seated before him on the ground and said: “You … Continue reading Mindful Musings: Apr 16

Mindful Musings: Apr 15

“Call of the Wild” The Call of the wild Our singular purpose in life An expression of absolute freedom The truth of being revealed Through the wind’s humbling touch…. My soul craves The Earth’s tr...

Mindful Musings: Apr 14

“Wisdom of the Ages” This experience in a body that we call life is a precious opportunity and a sacred endeavor. What a blessing and what a remarkable occurrence for our souls to incarnate in a physical form time and time again. For just like the passing of the seasons, your soul infinitely spins on … Continue reading Mindful Musings: Apr 14