Dave the Mystic Interviews Author Forrest Rivers: COVID-19 and Humanity’s Spiritual Awakening

COVID 19 has been a harbinger of mass chaos and unspeakable tragedy for many people. However, Forrest Rivers, an author and inspirational speaker maintains in his newly released and highly uplifting book, COVID-19 and Humanity’s Spiritual Awakening, that if we are able to still our minds and fully be with the immensity of this moment, we can start to see a different narrative emerging: one of hope, personal empowerment and spiritual awakening.

“The Perfect Role Model”

A mountain creek Is the perfect role model For how to live one’s life….. It is freely flowing Eternally peaceful Filled with purpose Attached not to any destination And fearlessly present.

“The Perfect Morning”

Wake up Meditate and pray Read sacred scriptures Tend to the garden Hike through the forest Swim in a mountain creek Write some poetry Eat breakfast mindfully Give thanks to the One To be alive another morning.

“Nature: Our Great Liberator”

When the fools of reason dictate The terms of debate The inner voice of spirit cries Knowing that the truth is not found Outside in the world of illusions…. Tell me, who are these “experts” That we give authority too and emulate? For to me, it seems, Like the blind leading the blind Down a … Continue reading “Nature: Our Great Liberator”

“6 Words To Bring You Peace”

“Acceptance of what has happened is the first step to overcoming the consequences of any misfortune.” -William James- Back in the summer of 2013, I attended a meditation class at a now defunct center in Nashville, Tennessee in an effort to find some inner peace in my life. The teacher of this weekly Sunday evening … Continue reading “6 Words To Bring You Peace”

“What was Your Original Face?”

One variation of a Zen koan asks: “What was your original face before you were born?” Today, I have the audacity to try(key word) and answer this question! What face? Emptiness. No form. A dog chasing its tail? Sublime perfection. Too many words? The blind leading the blind! The bardos between birth. Your Buddha Nature. … Continue reading “What was Your Original Face?”

Tanmay Reviews Forrest Rivers' "COVID-19 and Humanity's Spiritual Awakening"

I would recommend you read this phenomenal guide. This is perfect for everyone, share it to more and more people and spread positivity. Let’s cherish what we have, let us do our hobbies, spend happy time with family and most importantly, help the people around us in any way we can.

“The Sincere Seeker”

The sincere seeker of truth has no interest in taking short cuts. For the illusionary promises of comfort, pleasure and security hold little value for such a person. Rather, souls on the path of spirit dive deeply into the river of life leaving no stone unturned and embracing the inevitable ebbs and flows of absolute … Continue reading “The Sincere Seeker”

“The Genuine Teacher”

A genuine spiritual teacher Is a humble person Who does not try to “awaken” others…. Rather, such a being is simply one who creates A loving space To naturally allow For the open sharing And transmissio...

“Lifting All Illusions”

In the Darkness I see That what surrounds me Is so wild and free…. So, what does it mean To be the one Dancing in the breeze with the people I believe Who are filled With the love of pure intentions? Listen and...

Jessica Reviews COVID-19 and Humanity's Spiritual Awakening

A spiritual awakening is not usually pleasant. Often it feels like confusion, frustration, sadness, anger, grief or being 'out of place'. A spiritual awakening can be uncomfortable and challenging because it's an intense time of personal growth.

Forrest Rivers on WGSN-DB Author’s Corner/Meet The Author show with Host, Cece Shatz, Doyenne of Relationships.

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Dr. Michelle Cohen Interviews Forrest Rivers

Dr. Michelle is a “relationship expert” who advises listeners about their problems by delivering an honest, and caring approach.  She also puts a psychological spin on the latest news and entertainment stories and encourages people to discuss their feelings on these issues.

Mindful Musings: May 11

“What Force Wills It?” By: Forrest Rivers The eye blinks But what force wills it to blink? The ear hears But what force wills it to hear? The nose smells But what force wills it to smell? The tongue tastes But what force wills it to taste? The mind thinks But what force wills it … Continue reading Mindful Musings: May 11

Mindful Musings: May 10

By: Forrest Rivers “Prayer to a Guru” Great Tree: Each day I come to you To revel in your wisdom And to receive your blessings Channeled through time…. So sacred are your teachings Filled with the boundless g...