Jessica Reviews COVID-19 and Humanity’s Spiritual Awakening

A spiritual awakening is not usually pleasant. Often it feels like confusion, frustration, sadness, anger, grief, or being ‘out of place’. A spiritual awakening can be uncomfortable and challenging because it’s an intense time of personal growth. But despite how difficult you feel, you’re not going crazy, you’re evolving.” Greetings! dear readers. The world has been brutally hit by a pandemic, being a part of it we all have been suffering for a very long time. There have been a lot of serious issues humanity has been facing since then, the economic crises, lack of resources, loss of lives, lack of social interaction, and much more and the sad part is that this all has resulted in the generation of negativity among people. This book is a great initiative towards bringing a positive change and spiritual awakening for humanity. The author has introduced the readers with great hope, we cannot go out except for the most urgent reasons but this is a golden time to focus on the inside and I’m amazed by this beautiful concept of the book. We have a lot going within us and yes we need to focus on it, spiritual awakening is going deep in ourselves, knowing ourselves, and striving for what we need. This is not the time to yell over the sufferings but to be thankful for what you have and to seek what all you can add within yourself. A wonderful guide that will help you to work on yourself and will enlighten positivity around you. Turn the pages to seek more because the deeper you dive the more you are close to life.

A really positive and pleasant book, I always crave self-help books and never miss a chance to read them and I’m glad I read this and it literally changed my vision. The author has a unique ideology and I’m so happy to see myself improving. I have shared this book with a lot of people. The book highlights all the reasons to be happy and cherish life. Highly thankful to the author for sharing this, this book, this ideology, and this positive initiative is much needed in these tough times.