“The Perfect Morning”

time lapse photography of multi-step waterfalls

Wake up

Meditate and pray

Read sacred scriptures

Tend to the garden

Hike through the forest

Swim in a mountain creek

Write some poetry

Eat breakfast mindfully

Give thanks to the One

To be alive another morning.

Mindful Musings: May 10

By: Forrest Rivers

“Prayer to a Guru”

green tree under blue sky during daytime

Great Tree:

Each day

I come to you

To revel in your wisdom

And to receive your blessings

Channeled through time….

So sacred are your teachings

Filled with the boundless grace

Befitting of a guru

As cherished and divine as you….

I bow my head in reverence.

Mindful Musings: Apr 21

“The Loving Shore”

people on beach during daytime

Believe in yourself

And never doubt the tides

That bring you back to shore again

You are simply divine

A miracle

And a strand of pure awareness

Blowing in the wind

To enchant all who are blessed

To cross your path

So, always remember your self worth

And reach for the stars

For your dreams will come true!