“Nature: Our Great Liberator”

When the fools of reason dictate

The terms of debate

The inner voice of spirit cries

Knowing that the truth is not found

Outside in the world of illusions….

Tell me, who are these “experts”

That we give authority too and emulate?

For to me, it seems,

Like the blind leading the blind

Down a dark alley of lies

Where the greatest victim

Is our own happiness….

Unplug from this matrix

And unwind

Then strap on your boots

And commune with Mother Nature

For truly,

She is our great liberator.

Mindful Musings: Apr 15

“Call of the Wild”

green-leafed plants

The Call of the wild

Our singular purpose in life

An expression of absolute freedom

The truth of being revealed

Through the wind’s humbling touch….

My soul craves

The Earth’s transcendent wisdom

That fortifies my faith

In the dance of the Divine.