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“Blessings of a Wise Being”

If one is truly fortunate, a rare wise being will come into their lives. When you meet such a person you immediately feel that you are in the presence of someone who really knows something about life and how to live it. Such a being’s individual nuances, background and spiritual point of connection may vary; … Continue reading “Blessings of a Wise Being”

“One Day to Live”

If you discovered That you had exactly one day to live How would you spend your final 24 hours 1,440 minutes And 86,400 seconds In your physical body? Would you spend it chasing after money, power and fame? Or, would you live it with your mind centered on God? Would you hold on to grudges … Continue reading “One Day to Live”

“Nature: Our Great Liberator”

When the fools of reason dictate The terms of debate The inner voice of spirit cries Knowing that the truth is not found Outside in the world of illusions…. Tell me, who are these “experts” That we give authority too and emulate? For to me, it seems, Like the blind leading the blind Down a … Continue reading “Nature: Our Great Liberator”

“6 Words To Bring You Peace”

“Acceptance of what has happened is the first step to overcoming the consequences of any misfortune.” -William James- Back in the summer of 2013, I attended a meditation class at a now defunct center in Nashville, Tennessee in an effort to find some inner peace in my life. The teacher of this weekly Sunday evening … Continue reading “6 Words To Bring You Peace”

“What was Your Original Face?”

One variation of a Zen koan asks: “What was your original face before you were born?” Today, I have the audacity to try(key word) and answer this question! What face? Emptiness. No form. A dog chasing its tail? Sublime perfection. Too many words? The blind leading the blind! The bardos between birth. Your Buddha Nature. … Continue reading “What was Your Original Face?”

“The Sincere Seeker”

The sincere seeker of truth has no interest in taking short cuts. For the illusionary promises of comfort, pleasure and security hold little value for such a person. Rather, souls on the path of spirit dive deeply into the river of life leaving no stone unturned and embracing the inevitable ebbs and flows of absolute … Continue reading “The Sincere Seeker”