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COVID 19 and
Humanity’s Spiritual Awakening

COVID-19 and Humanity’s Spiritual Awakening

“Seldom has a book touched me so deeply in its mix of compassion, authenticity, and forward-looking while fully honoring the world’s wisdom traditions. It lays out how the darkness of suffering has a way of pushing humanity into the light of new beginnings if we so choose.”

~ Frank Coppeiters, author of the international best-seller “Unity in Everything that Is: Enlightened Warriorship Under 13 Masters

The emergence of COVID-19 turned the world upside down causing mass causalities and sickness, economic ruin, and social unrest in the streets. However, despite the pandemic’s tragic and chaotic nature, the virus has also been a catalyst for the spiritual awakening of humanity on a scale not seen at any time since possibly World War II.

In COVID-19 and Humanity’s Spiritual Awakening, Forrest Rivers walks the reader through the myriad of ways in which the virus has served to awaken the inborn seeds of truth, wisdom, and the acknowledgment of our common roots as one human family.


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Forrest Rivers is a writer, teacher and speaker who lives in the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina. His personal journey of awakening began at the age of 30 on an awe-inspiring trip to Maui, Hawaii. It was there on that enchanted island where the profound healing power of nature spoke through to his soul and helped him overcome a dark period of alcohol abuse. After returning home from that transformative experience, Forrest became interested in the spiritual traditions of the Far East and began to immerse himself in the teachings of Buddhist, Hindu, and Taoist mystics.

Today, Forrest spends a great deal of his time guiding others through lectures and workshops intended to help seekers look within and become the best versions of themselves. Forrest is a certified Meditation teacher from the school of Positive Transformation, and he has lectured at several colleges across the United States. He is planning to embark on a college lecture tour in Fall 2021 and Spring 2022. His forthcoming book, COVID-19 and Humanity’s Spiritual Awakening is set to be published in February 2021 by Conscious Living Media.

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